Chris Gardner

Chris Gardner

Chris Gardner is the Senior Software Engineer and Architect for T & W Operations, Inc, and a MCT Regional Lead for the Eastern US. Tortured by years of contracts that valued buzzwords over results, Chris has developed a true passion for finding solutions that fit the problem, not the technology of the week. Chris received his B.S. in Mathematics and B.A. in Philosophy from the University of Alabama in Huntsville and is currently a Microsoft Certified Professional Developer, Information Technology Professional and Trainer.

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As the availability and feature set of the Kinect expands, it is becoming more important for .NET developers to become familiar with the abilities of this amazing device. This talk will bring you up to speed with the capabilities of this device. Starting with simple camera support, we will work our way all the way through voice recognition, facial tracking and infrared vision. Come see how easy it is to unlock the full potential of the Kinect.

As the need for security increases, the use of biometrics will become more and more prevalent. This session will discuss topics in the space of Biometrics and introduce you to a few devices that are emerging in the field, such as palm vein scanners, touch-less fingerprint readers, and Kinect.