Parag Joshi

Parag Joshi

Parag Joshi (@ilovethexbox ) is a Mobile Architect working for Centric Consulting LLC and has over 13 years software development experience working on various Microsoft based technologies. He is co director of the Cincinnati DotNet User Group ( and also director of the Cincinnati All Things Mobile User Group ( He spends his spare time playing tennis with his 8 year old and writing android apps to track tennis scores.

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Bluetooth LE is a remarkable technology that allows an application to provide a personal experience to an end user like no other. iBeacons is the adaptation by apple to using BLE for such an app. We will experience iBeacons first hand with volunteers from the audience taking part in a mini scavenger hunt to find the treasure in the fastest time possible with a small prize awarded for first place. We will also take a look at how it can be combined with Windows Azure Mobile Services to allow OpenId authentication and SQL Azure storage for our app. Prior knowledge of Bluetooth LE is not required. We will also contrast Bluetooth LE with NFC (Near Field Communications). Come and experience the power of bluetooth!