Chris Michel

Chris Michel

Chris is a Designer at Treehouse and formerly Design Lead at ZURB where he lead the popular open-source framework, Foundation. He uses his wicked design skills to turn crappy user interfaces into something bigger, better, and stronger. He also has some mad Sass skills.

Before working as a designer, Chris studied at California State University, Fresno, receiving his B.A. in art and graphic design.

Outside of work, you'll find Chris chilling with his awesome wife and crazy cat in Santa Cruz, where he’s lived for over three years now. Other than that his time is spent taking photos and perfecting his craft.

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Like the popular television show, "The Office", we need to come to the series finale of how we work in an office. We'll talk about what it means to have a good work/life balance, the benefits its brings and how you can start balancing a bit more.

In this presentation we'll show you how to design in the browser using Sass and Compass. We'll go from setting up a basic page to styling typography, buttons and more. The end goal is going to be a styled page that contains enough elements to get the idea across. This is a great technique to design for clients since they get a real feel for what the site will be.